mathematician, lecturer, tutor, special area of interes: Orlicz spaces, functions of bounded variation
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Teaching assistant and later adjunct professor at university, academy of sciences and university of technology. I have been lecturer of calculus, Orlicz spaces, approximation theory and probability.

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Expertise :

In the following industries:
Education, R&D,

Fields of practice:
Banach and Orlicz spaces, functions of bounded variation, college and academic teaching of maths

Management teams your interventions may concern:
R&D Management Documentation

Types of interventions:
Lectures, lessons, academic writing, models and methods

Training courses attended:

M. of Sc. in maths, 1973, University
2 years physics at the University, no degree
Ph.D. in maths, 1984, University


Led training courses:
Calculus, probability, approximation theory

Computer skills:
editors in Microsoft Office Suite, Derive, Matlab


Some references:
Univesity, Ecole Polytechnique, Academy of Sciences

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I have been lecturer of maths at polish higher schools for 25 years and an out-of-school cross curriculum private tutor for 10 years. I was doing research of functions of bounded variation and published 12 papers (mostly jointly with prof. Wladyslaw Orlicz). Now, I have been concerned for 5 years with mathematical models and methods applied in social sciences (from monograph by Coleman) and market research.
Freelance home tutor for baccalaureat (GCSE) in maths.

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